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Protect yourself and don’t hold back with the Velusta PROTEC I Bibshorts!

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Why velusta?

the problem

Do you remember the last time you crashed? Yes, of course, it was painful, you had deep grazes all over the place and the recovery took forever. We, at Velusta remember it too. The experience sleeping with open wounds isn’t pleasant at all and that’s why we wanted to change this.

Since the bicycle helmet became mandatory, hardly anything has been done to protect the rest of the body. This while 92% of cyclists crash every year resulting in major injuries. 

Our research among 699 active cyclists has shown that in 97% of crashes results in deep grazes. Furthermore, market research has shown that of all the road rash caused by falls, 7 out of 10 are on the hip area. A survey by Dr. Piet De Moor, team physician at Trek-Segafredo, confirmed that the hip is the most common site for deep grazes after a crash.


To achieve the best solution that would eliminate deep abrasions from the cycling scene, much research and development was required. Not only because it was a unique project but also because of the many requirements that cycling bibshorts must meet.

 From the beginning until now we have appealed to several institutions such as universities, textile research centers and companies to select the right fabrics and materials for the ideal protection against deep abrasions. In addition to protecting, it had to be flexible, lightweight and breathable so that it would not affect the rider's performance. 

With the above in mind, we have extensively tested different materials and patterns in order to obtain the best solution.


World's first cycling bibshorts with 3D Impact Protection. Engineered to provide maximum protection against deep grazes and road rash in case of a crash. The Velusta PROTEC I Bibshorts are extremely comfortable even for the most challenging bike rides. 

 In the future, Velusta wants to remain a pioneer in protective cycling clothing and will therefore continue to innovate and look for the ultimate solution where protection and performance go side by side.

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Our Team

Our team consists of three engineers with a great passion for cycling. Something that started 3 years ago at the University of Antwerp in Belgium as a small business project has now grown into a real company. 

Benjamin Stuer 

He deals with the legal and financial aspects of the company. "Time is money" is his life motto.

jarrid Janssens 

Is the head of product development and occasionally Velusta’s model.

Luka Šeparović

Is the head of communication and marketing. As such, he likes to be in the spotlight.

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