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Protect yourself and don’t hold back with the Velusta PROTEC I Bibshorts!

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The Velusta 
I Bibshorts

World's first cycling bibshorts with 3D Impact Protection. Engineered to provide maximum protection against deep grazes and road rash in case of a crash. The Velusta PROTEC I Bibshorts are extremely comfortable even for the most challenging bike rides.

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Velusta’s 3D Impact Protection is made up of multiple hi-tech layers. With a friction resistant layer on top and a shock absorbing layer made from 3D-structure, the PROTEC I cushions the initial impact of the fall and reduces burns and recurring abrasions on the body to a minimum. A special smooth layer on the inside provides a soft and pleasant feeling.

Our research has shown that of all road rash injuries resulting from bike crashes, 7 out of 10 occur around the hip area. This is why Velusta designed the PROTEC I with protection at the hips. The 3D Impact Protection is designed in such a way that it does not affect leg movements due to the division into two separate protection strips on both sides of the hips. It performs like your second skin.   

All layers are flexible, lightweight and breathable so that no sweat spots or irritation can occur when pushing the limits on your bike. The entire fabric integrated at the hip area of the bibshorts is less than 4 millimeters thin!


High Quality 
Chamois Pad

Velusta uses ​two totally different chamois pads designed for the female and male anatomy to provide maximum comfort during bicycle rides of up to six hours (tested for 2 weeks on El Teide by competition riders). 

The women’s chamois pad is slightly wider due to women’s wider sit  and modulates the thickness according to the weight and pressure of the different points of contact to ensure maximum support on all the contact points between the body and saddle. The men’s chamois pad has an extended front part that provides superior comfort and greater freedom of movement. 

The very high-density foam gives pro riders the support they need during long-distance bike rides. The pad is made of an ultrasoft lightweight fabric that is naturally antibacterial and highly breathable. It keeps you cool and dry in the sensitive areas of the body during your most intense efforts.

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key features

  • Groundbreaking 3D Impact Pro​tection reduces road rash to a minimum
  • New high-density chamois pad with high breathability and natural antibacterial treatment
  • Multiple panel construction, ideal for a variety of body types and riding styles
  • Pre-dyed Italian fabrics printed with heat transfers makes the clothing much more durable and long lasting without loss of colour or quality (79% PA 21% EA)
  • 75mm leg grippers keep the shorts securely in place and provide muscle-supporting compression without pinching 
  • Elastic grip braces and black mesh on the back provide better breathability and less weight
  • Special zig-zag seam with a gentle transition prevents irritation in the groin area
  • Comfortable flatlock stitching
  • Designed in Flanders - Handcrafted in Italy
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