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Protect yourself and don’t hold back with the Velusta PROTEC I Bibshorts!

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At Velusta, we strive for a sustainable and waste-free world in order to protect the future of mankind and nature. Velusta encourages you to cycle more often to stay healthy and thus contribute to a cleaner world.


For the production of our clothing, we work exclusively with European producers. This way we can provide products of the highest quality and keep our supply chain short and sustainable. All our clothes are handmade in Italy with the best working conditions for our workers, so that we can make the most qualitative cycling clothes for you. 


All our mailer boxes/bags are biodegradable, compostable and made from plant based materials. The mailer boxes are made locally. This way we support the local economy and reduce our carbon footprint due to a much shorter supply chain. Besides the mailer boxes we use eco-friendly tissue paper and stickers that are FSC Certified. The tissue paper and stickers are acid free and printed with soy-based Inks.


For the shipping of our products, we work with a local shipping company. By working together with local companies we make our supply chain as short and efficient as possible. Whenever possible, your package will be shipped by electric bicycle, cargo bike or CNG vehicle. This way we significantly reduce our carbon footprint and contribute to a healthier and sustainable world.

The further handling and packaging of our products is provided by the socially committed company KUNNIG. At KUNNIG our products are expertly packed by talented people with a considerable distance to the labor market. This way the orders are handled in a socially responsible way so that people who would otherwise have difficulty finding a job, can learn new skills and put their talents on display.

Our compostable mailer bags are made from a combination of PBAT, a bio-based polymer which is compostable, and PLA which is made up of plant materials such as regular field corn and wheat straw. 

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